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Looking for a peer group that shares the same core values as you and your organization?  Allegiant Giving Partners is a philanthropic-based program designed specifically for business and community leaders.  This unique collection of organizations and individuals represents a positive vision for civic pride and provides a collaborative conduit for charitable investing. 

An Allegiant Giving Partner enjoys strong relationships, friendships, and alliances.  The work is rewarding, and the relationships are fun!  Our partners also enjoy connecting with successful businesses and individuals.  These connections are life-long and beneficial to all. 

Being an Allegiant Giving Partner is giving in nature.  Membership means giving of your time, goods and services, dollars, and expertise.  There will be opportunities to mentor, to serve, and to lead.  Experience indicates that relationships built through a giving spirit are powerful, heartfelt, and establish loyalties that help sustain each other.  Together we can face challenges and provide solutions.  Allegiant Giving promises to act and validate, to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships. 

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